Student / Film-Maker / DIY Crafter / Dog Lover / Adventure Seeker 

Who am I? I am a woman who loves television and film, and I am on a mission to share my insights with the world. My name is Callie Boyette, and I am a student / blogger / movie lover. As a passionate film-maker in training,  I write for other individuals who are interested in the television and film industry.

I created this blog to share my discoveries, opinions, and interests with other people. I spend a little too much time watching Netflix, and my tv/movie collection is extensive…needless to say, I wanted to put my passion to good use. My blog is not focused on a single topic, rather it looks at all areas – fun, thought-provoking, interesting, news-worthy, etc.


I grew up in Texas, lived overseas for two years, and now my home is in Austin, Texas. Hook em’ horns! I’m currently a senior at Texas State University, where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications. I am excited to graduate this December…it’s been a long journey but worth every second. I hope to work on feature films and television shows after I graduate. Thats the goal. Honestly, I am really excited for the adventures the future has in store for me because I am open to possibilities. Film editing is my focus, but I also have a knack for set design. Do me a favor and go check out some of my latest blog posts. I’ll let you be the judge.

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