Meredith and Cristina: 10 Defining Moments


cinema-penguinJUST FOR FUN — 10 Scenes That Define Meredith And Cristina’s Relationship On Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s is my favorite show, and I’m proudly obsessed. Why you ask? I will let you figure that out for yourself. Although Grey’s has many noteworthy friendships …

 George and Izzy  Callie and Mark  Bailey and Richard 

…Meredith and Cristina stand apart. What makes them so fabulous? The videos are explanation enough.

# 1  The dark and twisty thing…

# 2  The you’re my person thing…

# 3  And the McDreamy thing.

# 4  Boys come and go…

# 5  But true friends last a lifetime.

# 6  When miracles happen…

# 7  Or when tragedies happen…

# 8  Besties are there when you need them most.

# 9  When friendship develops into a deep bond…

# 10  Dancing it out is the only way to say goodbye.

Dedicated to my bestie, Alexandra Swan

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